01. Soldier Of Love
    02. Your Love Is King
    03. Skin
    04. Kiss Of Life
    05. Love Is Found
    06. In Another Time
    07. Smooth Operator
    08. Jezebel
    09. Bring Me Home
    10. Is It A Crime
    11. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
    12. All About Our Love
    13. Paradise
    14. Nothing Can Come Between Us
    15. Morning Bird
    16. King Of Sorrow
    17. The Sweetest Taboo
    18. The Moon And The Sky
    19. Pearls
    20. No Ordinary Love
    21. By Your Side
    22. Cherish the Day

    Information about the film
    Original title: Bring Me Home - Live 2011
    Year: 2012
    Genre: Soul, soft jazz
    Artist: Sade
    Size: 37.81 GB
    Uploaded on: letitbit.net

    In 2011, after 10 years of silence, Sade verulas on stage and gave concerts in many countries in Europe, North and South America, including Russia. The group traveled with a tour of North America alone a long three months and gave 54 concerts in support of the multi-platinum album "Soldier of Love", which was among the most profitable over the past year.
    During the tour, Sade Adu and her band performed 22 songs, among which the most recent as well as her most famous songs, which she presented at the "most creative stage production," according to the nomination of Pollstar. Thanks so intimate vibrations, exciting staging and stunning visual images, this concert will be an indispensable gift for any fan of beautiful music "Sade"!
    Called, in particular, "the best concert of the year" by the newspaper Baltimore Sun, last year's tour will be presented May 22, 2012 in the form of DVD / CD and Blu-ray disc under the title "Bring Me Home - Live 2011"

    Released: Epic Records
    Duration: 2:02:08
    Translation: No

    Container: iso
    Quality: Blu ray
    Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 25 399 Kbit / s, 1920x1080
    Audio: English (DTS-HD MA, 6 ch, 4701 Kbit / s), (LPCM, 2 ch, 2304 Kbit / s), (AC3, 6 ch, 448 kbit / s)


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